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Year 6

Year 6 Class

Welcome to year six. We are Hornbill School class. Hornbill School is in Brunei. We learned lots of interesting facts about the school and Brunei. Here are some of them...

  1. Brunei is located in south east Asia on the island of Borneo

  2. The time difference between Germany and Brunei is 6 hours

  3. The distance from Hornbill School to Haig School is 10,591km (6581m)

  4. 52.75% of Brunei is Jungle, with many types of animals such as Proboscis Monkeys, Flying Lizards and Hornbills

  5. In Brunei they have a Sultan. He is 72 and has 4 children

  6. There are 320 children in Hornbill School. 85% are from Nepal and 13% from UK. There are 6 caretakers, 9 office staff, 18 learning support assistants and 32 teachers

  7. Hornbill School opened in 2003

  8. At Hornbill School they all speak English so that children from different parts o the world can communicate better. In Brunei as a country, the language is Nepalese


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