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Year 5

Falklands Class

Welcome to year five. This year, we chose the Falklands Island for our class name. The Falklands are a collection of islands off the coast of South America, on which was build the Mount Pleasant Military base which also contains the MOD school ‘ Mount Pleasant Primary’.

Year 5 did a lot of research about the Islands and here are just some of the top facts we found out.

There is one weekly newspaper, the Penguin News , which is issued every Friday. The Penguin News covers local and overseas events relating to the Falkland Islands. The paper includes current events, job postings, letters, local sports results, guest columns and much more.

There are no McDonalds, Tescos, or Starbucks—in fact, there are no chain shops or restaurants of any kind! Passengers are encouraged to enjoy the abundance of wildlife on these remote islands.

1690 was the first recorded landing on the Islands by British Captain John Strong aboard Welfare.

The best time to visit the Falklands is between October and April when seasonal temperatures and wildlife viewing are at their peak.

The Islands are a favourite destination for wildlife enthusiasts of all kinds. The Falklands host thousands of penguins, elephant seals, sea Lions, and 65% of the world’s black-browed albatross bird population.

The UK fought a war in 1982 with Argentina when they invaded the islands.

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