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DCYP, MoD Schools policy is that children should not bring any form of medicine to school.  If medication is needed during the day, please speak to the office.

If your child is taking on-going medication for such conditions as asthma, we will of course supervise and assist your child as necessary. Please contact the office to set up a care plan.  It is advisable for you to make an appointment to see the asthma nurse at the medical centre to enable her to give you a school asthma card for our records. 

If your child has an epipen, please contact the school to set up a health care plan. Any queries, please ask for details on registration at the school.

Food Allergy Awareness

A number of our children experience severe and potentially life threatening reactions to nuts and for this reason we request that you do not bring nuts or products containing nuts into school.  For each of these children an individual plan has been agreed between the school and parents to help ensure that the allergy is managed appropriately.  If your child has a food allergy please let us know prior to attendance at school.