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Admissions Process

In order to ensure your child(ren) are allocated a school place as quickly as possible it is important that you complete the following process:

  • Contact the school admissions clerk to inform her of your posting.

  • Complete the MOD application form and your Child(ren)s current school will need to complete a Pupil Information Profile (PIP) Form. Both will need to be returned to the school by mail or email.

Haig  School Admissions

Mansergh Barracks

BFPO 113

A place cannot be allocated until we have received both of these documents.  We can only offer your child(ren) a place if we can meet their educational needs. Therefore it is imperative that you do not remove your child from their present school, or arrange any passage to British Forces Germany, until you have received a Certificate of Educational Clearance form from the Headmaster. For the vast majority of children this is a very straight forward process and a Certificate of Educational Clearance will be issued to you within a matter of days. Once this has been issued, you can contact Haig School to arrange an admissions visit and arrange a start date.

Admission for Children with Additional Needs

For children with additional needs the admission process may take longer, we will need to contact the present school for further information regarding the child(rens )needs. A place cannot be allocated until all necessary paperwork has been completed. If your child has any involvement from outside agencies such as; Health Care Professionals, Speech and Language Therapy, CAMHS, Social Services, or has an Educational Health Care Plan, a Statement of Educational Need, or a Co-ordinated support Plan, the MOD Assessment of Suitability Overseas (MASO) may need to be completed, this can take up to 9 weeks to complete.  A certificate of Educational clearance will then be issued should we be able to sustain the education your child needs.   You must not arrange any onward travel or remove you child from their present placement until you are told you will be issued the certificate.  If you arrive without this document you could be at risk of being returned to UK at your own cost. If you are not already registered with Children’s Education and Advice service (CEAS) you will need to do so immediately.

 ******   Registration with CEAS should take place before coming out to BFG.   ******

CEAS contact details: / 00441980618244

Transfer to King's School

Almost all of our Year 6 pupils transfer across the road to King’s School. Before they leave at the end of Year 6, there is a comprehensive programme of induction designed to make the transition both smooth and effective. A meeting for parents is organised by King's School before our children leave us.

Leaving Procedure

When you are due to leave Gütersloh it is important that you inform us as soon as possible. You will need to complete paperwork with forwarding addresses for your home and the child’s new school. You will be able to come into school to collect and sign for their work and documentation on their last day of school after afternoon registration, and say goodbye to us.